Turyaa Kalutara, Turyaa by Heritance, Sri Lanka

Feast of Tabernacles 2024 – SRI LANKA

Turyaa Kalutara, Sri Lanka

Your brethren in Sri Lanka warmly invite you to attend the Feast of Tabernacles with them at the Turyaa Hotel, Kalutara. 

Kalutara is a major city in Kalutara District, in the Western Province of the beautiful island of Sri Lanka, known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. The city holds a unique position for one of the four major rivers in Sri Lanka, the Kalu Ganga, which joins the sea at the center of the city. Kalutara is known for making rope, baskets, and other articles from the fiber of the coconut palm. Once an important spice-trading center, the town’s name is derived from the Kalu Ganga (‘Black River’ in native Sinhala).

Turyaa is located approximately 43 km (27 miles) south of the capital Colombo and 80 km (50 miles) or 1 hour 15 minutes from the Bandaranayake International Airport via the expressway. (Transportation from the airport or from Colombo hotels to the Feast Site can be arranged by the local feast team, upon your request).

Sprawled across six acres of ocean-front land, Turyaa Kalutara hotel features 109 sea view rooms with private balconies, dining spaces, a large pool, spa and sauna, a gymnasium, as well as recreational activities such as playing sets of badminton or shooting a cue ball across the pool table.

All brethren will be staying at the same venue and will have the unique and enjoyable opportunity to dine together at the “Svar” Restaurant. Three buffet meals are included in daily room costs and feature local Sri Lankan dishes as well as excellent international cuisine. The hotel conference hall will also be the site for daily services, which will be in English.

Tours can be arranged for outside activities such as visiting Galle Fort – (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), taking a boat ride in Madu River, visiting the Turtle Hatchery and/or Richmond Castle.

Family day is a traditional favorite at the Feast in Sri Lanka.  A special afternoon full of fun team events is followed by another afternoon of cricket, which the whole family can participate and enjoy. The variety show as well as a sing-along and family dance are sure to be a highlight as the Sri Lankan brethren are very talented and musical.

A visit to Sri Lanka will be a life-changing experience. If you want to travel internationally and you earnestly desire to celebrate and serve at the Feast with your brothers and sisters who live overseas, the Feast in Sri Lanka would be an exceptional opportunity for you. A visit to this tropical island where food is delicious and the brethren are gracious, friendly and enthusiastically desiring to see the coming of God’s Kingdom, is a Feast you’ll not soon forget!

We sincerely seek and appreciate your earnest prayers for God’s blessing on the Feast in Sri Lanka and on all the Feasts around the world where God has chosen to place His name.   ~ David Schreiber

Feast Registration

To register, click the Register button below.  A $50 registration fee (per family) is required and will be applied to the Feast expenses.  (This can be mailed to:  David Schreiber / 22909 Bluegrass Rd / Albert Lea, MN. 56007 or paid via PayPal:  david.schreiber70@gmail.com)

Hotel Reservations at Turyaa Kalutara

After you have registered, you’ll be emailed additional feast information.  Once your flight reservations are made, they must be emailed to our local feast team. They will then arrange and confirm your lodging at the Turyaa, Kalutara. https://www.turyaakalutara.com/  (If you choose to make your own reservations, you will pay higher standard hotel rates).

The daily room rates inclusive of three buffet meals are as follows:

Single Occupancy                  $92 USD

Double Occupancy                $125 USD

Triple Occupancy                  $179 USD

Children under five – no charge.

At this time, there are no COVID-19 medical protocols or restrictions to travel to Sri Lanka. 

A Sri Lanka VISA is required. 

For questions, please email David Schreiber at: david_schreiber@ucg.org or call (507) 377-8151.



General Information – Sri Lanka

Feast Dates: October 17-24, 2024

Venue: Turyaa Kalutara, Sri Lanka

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Festival Coordinator
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